Filozofia vinului

Wine is like the man. You never know how far to respect him and when to despise him, when to love him and when to start hating him, how much generosity he is capable of and when he turns into a demon. Let us not be more ruthless with wine than we are with ourselves, and let us recognize in its taste the warmth, strength, light, color, and mystery, all the gifts of nature, crowned with the fragrance of the land, where the gods were invited and found a home. Ad augusta per angusta. Try to stay young like a Beaujolais and grow old like a Burgundy wine! Lucid and analytical essays, written by leading philosophers, linguists, biochemists, producers and wine critics, in a philosophical approach to an eternal experience.

Coordinator: Barry C. Smith
Publishing house: Baroque Books & Arts
Year of appearance: 2015

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