Vinul de-altădată

"The anthology invites the reader to" taste "the wine of Hellenic and Roman mythologies, to be penetrated by the shadows, echoes and reverberations of places like Balchik, for example, Greco-Latin and Thracian cultural crossroads. Ancient characters such as Eros, Pan, Minerva, Dionysos, Apollo, nymphs and fauns, who associate the frenzy of music with the pleasure of drink and love, but also vestiges of ancient civilizations such as: amphorae, urns, sarcophagi, keepers of absence, are invoked by Ion Pillat in the process of filtering his own feelings, decanted through reading and contemplation. The old wine that connects the present with the past is also symbolically related to the waters of the sea that constantly swallow the shores [...] “Monica Pillat and Dana Vasiliu

Author: Ion Pillat
Publishing house: Baroque Books & Arts
Year of appearance: 2018

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