O teorie a secundarului. Imperfecțiune și înfrângere

"Virgil Nemoianu's entire work as a critic, comparator and philosopher of culture - and especially the two synthetic works, "A Theory of the Secondary" and "Imperfection and Defeat", contained in this volume - is an eloquent testimony that the author did not settle in the United States to enlist with mimetic enthusiasm in the fashionable intellectual and political movements. With a solid formation, built even in communist Romania, where a “learning ethos” functioned, however, despite the restrictions of the unique ideology, a group that only strengthened and expanded the excellent fitted libraries of the West, Virgil Nemoianu did not hesitate to manifest, in the country of adoption, his own options and to cut his own themes, imposing himself in the American academy as an eminent teacher and as a reference author." Mircea Martin

Author: Virgil Nemoianu
Publishing house: Spandugino
Year of appearance: 2017

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