Domeniul Vila Dobruşa, Crama Avincis

The volume presents three points of view: of the sponsor, the designer and of the commentator with an architectural background. The beneficiary recalls the meetings with the place: the first, over twenty years ago, at a time when the condition of the mansion and its surroundings was desolate; the next, after 10 years, when the limited partner, together with his wife Cristiana, the rightful heiress of the place, met the spirit of the place; the third, in which they invite the architect to find out what he thinks about the possibility of restoring the domain. The project lasted for 4 years, then the construction site and, finally, the inauguration on June 11, 2011.

Authors: Alexandru Beldiman, Valeriu Stoica, Andrei Mărgulescu
Publishing house: Simetria
Year of appearance: 2013

Presentation of the book