Democrația în deficit

"Democracy in deficit is one of the first comprehensive attempts to apply the principles of analysis of public options to macroeconomic theory and policy. The central preoccupation of the book was to examine the simple precepts of Keynesian economics through the prism of the theory of public options, it paving the way for the modern theory of the economic-political cycle. The analysis of public options is in stark contrast to the early analysis of Keynesians and monetarists, who assumed that economists were outside and above politics, giving politicians and central bankers advice that would be adopted automatically. This approach to macroeconomics is outdated today by works such as , interested in the rules of fiscal and monetary policy called upon to guide long-term monetary policy.” Robert D. Tollison

Authors: James M. Buchanan, Richard E. Wagner
Publishing house: Humanitas
Year of appearance: 2013

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