STOICA & Asociații provides legal assistance and representation to domestic and international companies acting in energy, IT, pharmaceutical, and in food & beverage industry in diverse contentious and non-contentious cases pertaining to intellectual property law.

The team of lawyers from STOICA & Asociaţii advises on national intellectual property enforcement strategies for its clients and defends their IP rights, if necessary.


The lawyers from STOICA & Asociații provide legal assistance and representation in the procedures regarding drafting and patents’ registration at OSIM (Romania’s State Office for Inventions and Trademarks), as well as in negotiating, drafting, revision of various types of IP related agreements (license or assignment) in procedures with regard to their annulment/revocation, as well as in disputes arising from patents’ cancellation or infringement.


STOICA & Asociații provides assistance and representation in legal issues concerning the validity of copyrights and ancillary rights, the ownership of such rights, in the negotiation and drafting of copyrights agreements, in the relationships with the collective management organizations, as well in the disputes arising from the infringement of copyrights and ancillary rights.

Trademarks and Industrial Designs

STOICA & Asociații provides:

  • assistance in negotiating, drafting and revision of various types of trademarks and industrial design related agreements: licensing or assignment agreements;
  • representation in administrative/contentious procedures conducted before OSIM (Romania’s State Office for Inventions and Trademarks) and the competent courts in matters connected with the registration and protection of intellectual property rights: oppositions, infringements, cancellation or annulment/revocation claims, claims for the suspension of the commercial exploitation of a potentially infringing product etc.;
  • advising on IP rights’ protection and designing the strategic management of IP rights’ portfolios;
  • preparing of long-term strategies to handle trademarks and industrial designs’ disputes, including criminal offences specific to this domain;
  • undertaking of trademark availability searches.

Relevant experience

  • Legal assistance and representation of a major mineral water producer in the dispute concerning the application for annulment of its trademarks on the ground of bad faith registration
  • Assisting a major local asset management services provider in establishing its trademark defense strategy
  • Representing and assisting of one of the most important mineral water producers in litigation regarding alleged infringing of a community trademark concerning the shape of a bottle from a competitor
  • Legal assistance and representation of a research institute before the courts of law and in the opposition proceedings before the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks partaining to its trademarks
  • Assisting and representing a producer of professional beauty products protected by EU registered trademarks in the preliminary injunction proceedings against various counterfeiters
  • Assisting and representing a leading player in the international dairy market in a series of disputes concerning the cancellation of misleading trademarks, registered by one of its main competitors
  • Legal assistance to multinational companies in litigations concerning infringements of EU law regarding trademark, industrial design and copyright
  • Legal assistance granted to multinational companies in litigation concerning actions for annulment of industrial property titles, as well as assistance in proceedings before the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks - OSIM - for the registration of industrial property issues
  • Legal assistance to multinational companies in disputes concerning unfair competition by similar trademarks, as well as in disputes relating to confidentiality agreements, assignment or licensing agreements, or defamation claims triggered by plagiarism accusations
  • Assisting and representing the biggest retailer in Romania before the Romanian courts in connection with the faire remuneration with regard to the IP auxiliary rights
  • Legal assistance and representation of one of the most important banking institutions in Romania in litigations regarding the counterfeiting and annulment of a patent, having as object a solution for securing the ATM type devices
  • Legal assistance and representation of the largest retailer in Romanian trade, in connection with the correct remuneration of related rights
  • Assisting and representing the biggest steel producer from Romania in a criminal case with regard to the infringement of a patent right
  • Assisting a major player from the pharmaceutical market in setting and implementing an administrative and judiciary strategy aimed at protecting its patent portfolio
  • Assisting and representing a top player on the international market of dairy products in a claim for damages amounting to EUR 800,000 filed against a competitor infringing its patent
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Robust representation before OSIM and the courts, a flair for the fine print of licensing agreements, sage brand management advice and swift, efficient trademark registration are all on offer at STOICA & Asociații.

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In its happy hunting grounds of pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, IT and energy, STOICA & Asociații offers high-quality, on-point IP guidance.