The launching event of the book „In honorem VALERIU STOICA”

In Aula Magna of the Palace of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, the law firm STOICA & Associates and Universul Juridic Publishing House have organised the launching event of the book “In honorem VALERIU STOICA. Rights, Freedoms and Powers at the Beginning of the Third Millennium”, coordinated by Prof. Marian Nicolae Ph.D., Associate Prof., Radu Rizoiu Ph.D. and Assistant Prof. Laura Toma-Dăuceanu Ph.D.

Valeriu Stoica – new interview

“National and international recognition of professional value is the result of performance based on several decades of work. Of course, this recognition strengthens customer confidence in our law firm.” stated Valeriu Stoica (Founding Partner) in the interview granted to the news portal Piaţa Financiară.
The whole interview (in Romanian) can be read on the website.