• 26/09/2018 STOICA & Asociaţii

    “National and international recognition of professional value is the result of performance based on several decades of work. Of course, this recognition strengthens customer confidence in our law firm.” stated Valeriu Stoica (Founding Partner) in the interview granted to the news portal Piaţa Financiară.
    The whole interview (in Romanian) can be read on the website.

  • 26/09/2018 STOICA & Asociaţii

    In the published material, the authors made a brief presentation of the relevant novelty elements, by reporting (where necessary) to the current provisions of Law no. 85/2014 on insolvency.
    The whole material (in Romanian) can be read on the website.

  • 21/09/2018 STOICA & Asociaţii

    The series of articles on artificial intelligence continues by the publishing of the article “Will it be the advisory services taken over by robots?”, written by Veronica Dobozi (Partner) and Tudor Colţan (Associate).
    The whole material (in Romanian) can be read here.

  • 13/09/2018 STOICA & Asociaţii

    Valentina Preda (Partner) showed in the article “The Enforcing of Judgments regarding Juveniles or Kramer versus Kramer” published on the Hotnews.ro news portal [+]