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Cătălina DICU

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Relevant experience

Cătălina Dicu has a strong experience as a pleading lawyer, assisting and representing Romanian and foreign clients in intricate civil law cases, before the courts and the internal and international arbitral courts.

Her expertise covers the assistance and representation of the banking institutions in real estate litigations and in cases in connection with enforcement of credit titles, usage of payment instruments and of companies in dispute resolution cases with regard to their set up, functioning and winding up (registration, merger, reorganisation, liquidation, dissolution, and shareholder’s exclusion). She is active in labour law and intellectual law litigations (trademarks, know-how, intellectual property and other related rights) and in litigations pertaining to privileged and confidential information. Moreover, she assisted and represented clients in privatisation cases, in real estate litigations and other property related cases, in fiscal and family law litigations or in litigations in connection with public property and the legal regime of the assets of the public property.

Cătălina Dicu was active in the negotiation and drafting of banking contracts, in the performance of due diligence in projects regarding the privatization of state-owned companies and assisted financial-banking institutions in retail credit activities.

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