Family law issues during the pandemic

Speakers: Catalina Dicu – Senior Partner
Ofelia Dobra – Bailiff, DOBRA & CĂLIMAN
Mirela Dragu – Mediator
Moderator: Valeriu Stoica – Founding Partner

During the 90 minutes of discussions, there were many relevant points of view. Prof. univ. Dr. Valeriu Stoica, Founding Partner STOICA & Associates stated: “Periods of emergency (and now alert) have been and continue to be a major difficulty for parent-child relationships when parents are separated and when children cannot always be with both parents. This issue has been extremely sensitive for these people in such a situation. The issue of rightly maintaining the relationship between the parent who is not constantly with the child and the minor to whom he has responsibilities and rights has been rightly raised. Obviously, simple communication by phone or online is, of course, insufficient for the development of normal parent-child relationships. ”