Claiming the force majeure and / or contingency during the pandemic

Speakers: Rareș Răducanu – Senior Partner, Cristina Frîncu – Partner, Valentina Preda – Partner
Moderator: Valeriu Stoica – Founding Partner

It was an online event organized on the first day of the state of alert, which followed the state of emergency. “Already after two months of state of emergency, the state of alert can be seen as a release!” underlined, in the opening of the debate, prof. Univ. Dr. Valeriu Stoica.

Prof. univ. dr. Valeriu Stoica, Founding Partner STOICA & Asociații: “The force majeure will only prove its significance from now on. In other words, if, so far, we have talked more about a virtual issue, we are talking about how force majeure can be invoked in a period such as the pandemic, from now on we may have cases in the near future to invoke this before the courts. Contractual negotiations and discussions between parties may take place outside the courts in which the issue of force majeure is discussed. If, until the pandemic, force majeure was more of a style clause in contracts, it can become, from now on, a very common problem. “