STOICA & Asociaţii, 24 years from its establishment

In the Ballroom „Le Diplomat” of the Athénée Palace Hilton Hotel, the law firm STOICA & Asociaţii celebrated 24 years since its establishment by organizing a reception which was attended by more than 150 guests besides all team members of the law office.

With this occasion, the „Excellence award for the entire legal carrier”< went to Acad. Prof. Univ. Raluca Miga-Beșteliu PhD., a distinguished personality from the field of Romanian international law, who “shared the art and mysteries of the diplomacy of many generations of students, conveyed their passion for this branch of public law, playing an extremely important role in the training of many Romanian diplomats today”, said Valeriu Stoica, Founding Partner, STOICA & Asociaţii.

The „Award for the encouragement of the cultural and art activity” went to was awarded to the literary online platform, “Literomania”, edited by Adina Dinițoiu, literary critic and translator, and by Raul Popescu, cultural journalist. Literomania “is defined by the rigor of a specialized magazine, but which, at the same time, has the suppleness and dynamism of the modern forms of cultural communication, addressing a wider, non-specialized audience, interested in culture”.

The granting of these awards is part of the efforts of STOICA & Asociaţii since 2007 to recognize Romanian personalities from the legal field and to support cultural projects and young contemporary artists in the annual event dedicated to the celebration of the law firm.