STOICA & Asociații endorses the young justice leaders from the Republic of Moldova

The law firm STOICA & Asociații hosted on the 9th of June the visit of the participants to the Leadership Programme for Young Legal Professionals from Republic of Moldova (LEAD 2017).

The young legal professionals (in house lawyers, judges, lawyers) had the opportunity to meet and talk to Prof. Univ. Valeriu Stoica, PHD, Cristiana I. Stoica PHD, Founding Partners STOICA & Asociații, and Constantin Pintilie, Junior Lawyer, with regard to the challenges of the legal profession, about the importance of having a set of values and principles and about other practical issues of the profession.

The meeting with the lawyers from STOICA & Asociații represents for the guests from Republic of Moldova a step of the visit to other private or public institutions, aimed at developing the knowledge of the Romanian justice system. The programme is organised by INK Association and CRPE – Republic of Moldova, being supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands from Romania and from Republic of Moldova.

The law firm STOICA & Asociații actively supports the initiatives aiming at promoting and shaping the future leaders from the cultural, art and legal field, by continuing the tradition of fostering the performance in these domains.