STOICA & Asociaţii obtains an award in arbitration

With the occasion of the JURIDICE GALA, organized on 2nd of February 2017 at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, were granted the 2016 awards of the Society for Juridical Sciences.

The law firm STOICA & Asociaţii has been awarded with the „Appreciation Diploma for Contributions in Arbitration Practice”, as recognition of the professional performances obtained in this area of practice.  The lawyers specialized in arbitration from STOICA & Asociaţii are, besides the Founding Partners (Valeriu Stoica şi Cristiana I. Stoica), Cătălina Dicu, Anca Liana Caraiola-Buftea, Laura Radu (Senior Partners) and Andreea Micu, Daniel Aragea, Valentina Preda, Andrei Buga (Managing Associates), each of them working in smaller or bigger teams, coordinated by the senior partners or founding partners, depending on the complexity of the cases.

The complete list of awards can be read here