Lawyers from STOICA & Asociaţii held a workshop in the project “Legal Explorations: International Arbitration”

The project “Legal Explorations: International Arbitration” – first edition – is organised by ELSA București between 27 March – 26 April and is meant for the law students, year III and IV and for the students enrolled in the international arbitration master programme. The students have the opportunity to have contact with this area of practice, to gain information from legal experts and, finally, to demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge in order to use it in the preparation of a moot court.

In the first workshop, on 7th of April, in Petre Antonescu Hall of the Law Faculty, Bucharest University, Laura Elena Radu, Senior Partner and Daniel Aragea, Senior Associate, delivered a lecture entitled „Annulment claim of the arbitral award and the unconstitutional exception in international arbitration”. The workshop enjoyed a real success and a significant audience of law students.