The debate „Medicine and Law, a necessary dialogue”

The event was organized at the Romanian Academy by STOICA & Asociatii together with publication house Wolters Kluwer Romania, with the occasion of the official launch of electronic version (eBook) of the book “Dreptul sănătății. Frontul comun al medicului și al juristului” written by PhD. Professor Ion Turcu.

Personalities from both legal and medical world like PhD. Professor Ion Turcu, Academician Ioanel Sinescu, Academician Laurentiu M. Popescu, PhD. Professor Valeriu Stoica, PhD. Professor Crina-Julieta Sinescu, PhD. Professor Vladimir Belis, MD. Vasile Cepoi, MD. Mircea Cinteza, Mr. Dan Stoica, Director with Wolters Kluwer gathered to discuss about current legal and medical aspects, public health insurance contract issues, professional obligations and liability, bioethics.