Dragoş Bogdan, partner of STOICA & Asociaţii, has been interviewed by the online magazine, Bizlawyer

„The capacity of the IP team of STOICA& Asociatii to rapidly react in case unexpected events occur, through delivering of professional legal solutions is crucial for the good performance of our clients’ activity.”, Dragos stated.

As well, Dragos mentioned that the most important cases of the IP department have been those in connection with patents from pharma industry, because they required “a good understanding of technicalities – from chemistry, pharmaceuticals – but as well of the business in general.”

“The majority of the problems occur in connection with patents and trademarks”, mentioned Dragos, stating that “as patents are concerned, the most frequent problems are those regarding counterfeiting or the challenging of the possibility to patent some technical solutions” and from the most important issues in connection with trademarks are those regarding “the counterfeiting of trademarks, annulment or losing the right to defend a trademark or claims of damages as a result of infringing the trademark right.”