Cristiana Stoica, founding partner of STOICA & Asociaţii, has been interviewed by the online magazine, Bizlawyer

“Clients want fewer lawyers around, but more efficient ones.” Cristiana Stoica, founding partner of STOICA & Asociații mentioned the qualities that a lawyer should possess when aspiring to be part of STOICA & Asociații team.

„Fidelity, integrity and courage associated to professionalism are the backbone attributes that must be respected. Professional ethics and attachment to the values of our institution (STOICA & Asociaţii) are mandatory for those working in our law office. Team spirit is very important and the professional capacity to sort out the entrusted law and business matters is attentively followed in case of each lawyer.

Assessing the outcomes of the economic crises in Romania over the business law market, Cristiana Stoica mentioned that “mergers/acquisitions, real estate transactions, financing deals have been lately scarce on the market, but in the same time insolvency, commercial litigations continued to exist.”

The changes and promotions that occurred in the team in the last year have been as well referred to, the selection criteria, existing balance between the number of lawyers and the needs of the clients, practice areas in which STOICA & Asociatii is specialized, clients’ profile and other issues that can be read by clicking the link:–asociatii