STOICA & Asociatii celebrated 16 years since its set-up

On November 8th, 2011, the law firm STOICA & Asociatii celebrated in the somptuous hall Le Diplomate of the Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton 16 years since its setting up.

Like every year, we were extremeley pleased to have near us dear guests – clients, collaborators, journalists, politicians, diplomats, personalities of the cultural and artistic world who warmly participated at a cellebration that proves the professionalism and longevivity of the law firm STOICA & Asociatii.

In the spirit of tradition, like every year, the law firm STOICA & Asociatii granted two awards: the award for the entire legal carrier and for the major contribution to the the essential values of the Romanian law granted to Professor PhD Emil Molcut while the award for artistic creation was granted to Architect Cosmin Dragomir for the artistic project „Vineyards and Seasons in Dobrusa”.