Valeriu Stoica represents Costica Constanda in 200m-euro trial with Bucharest City Hall

In the article published by Ziarul Financiar on 17 March 2011, it is mentioned that Stoica & Asociaţii law firm, run by Valeriu Stoica, former justice minister and one of the most powerful barristers, was hired by Costica Constanda in one law cases in Romania.
The businessman is asking for 200m euros in compensation from the Bucharest City Hall and Bucharest Municipal Council for the French Village-Bordei affair, which started more than seven years ago, from some property rights purchased for several hundred thousand euros. Mr Constanda has already paid 1.5m euros as a stamp duty to go on trial and ask for 200m-euro damages.
Valeriu Stoica says he also represented Costica Constanda in the deal with Raptis Kavouras Greek group, through which the businessman tried to sell part of the French Village, and this is why it is his duty to go on with this case. “I am a lawyer, I’m defending clients’ interests,” Stoica said.