STOICA & Asociatii celebrates 15 years since its set-up

On November 9th, 2010 the law firm STOICA & Asociatii celebrated in the somptuous hall Le Diplomate of the Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton 15 years since its setting up.

Like every year, the hosts of the evening, Cristiana and Valeriu Stoica, Founding Partners, were extremeley pleased to have near them dear guests – clients, collaborators, journalists, politicians, diplomats, personalities of the cultural and artistic world who warmly honoured the invitation to participate at a cellebration that proves the professionalism and longevivity of the law firm STOICA & Asociatii.

The evening was opened by Valeriu Stoica who mentioned the professional achievements which represent the foundation of one of the most appreciated Romanian law firm. In the future, STOICA & Asociatii will continue to be guided by the three principles: Fidelitas, Integritas, Fortitudo, applying for its clients the best juridical strategies and consolidating permanently its well-known reputation.

In the spirit of tradition, the law firm STOICA & Asociatii granted two awards: the award for the entire legal carrier and for the major contribution to the the essential values of the Romanian law was granted to Mr Mihail Ionel Ghiga, lawyer, distinguished member of the Bucharest Bar. Ms. Cristiana Stoica read with great warmth and emotion the Motivation Letter, creating for the auditence a special portret of master Mihail Ionel Ghiga.

Lawyer Mihail Ionel Ghiga was recognized as a perfect civilist, being devoted to cases related to properties restitution or nationalized by the communist regime, obtaining, among others, restitution of the property Hanul lui Manuc that belonged to Cantacuzino family. He was also a reputed human rights lawyer, assisting in the execution proceedings in this matter to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Honest, bold, a real fighter, fine intellectual, he dreamed – and still dreams – to real justice. He doesn’t like to boast with his victories and professional successes. He was and remains the MAN guided by the principles which have accompanied him in life and profession – Studium, Audacia, Honostas.

The award for artistic creation was granted to the young pianist Monica Nicoleta Gemene who is studying piano at the Art School „George Apostu” (Bacau). From the very beginning, Monica showed great aptitude for learning piano, having a good memory and a musical sensibility accompanied by a strong determination. Quality interpretation and personal contribution to the interpretation recommended her to represent the school in national and international piano competitions, her performance being appreciated with many awards. As a sign of appreciation for STOICA & Asociatii award, Monica Nicoleta Gemene delighted the audience with a piano interpretation showing a real talent with good prospects of evolution over the years to come.
STOICA & Asociatii thanks to all the guests present at the celebration of 15 years since its set up.