Lawyer Monthly, a prestigious magazine in Great Britain, published an article about Romania and its legal services

August edition of Lawyer Mothly, a British magazine addressing to investors and business leaders when selecting the highest quality legal advice internationally, published an article about Romania. The article offers a briefing of the Romanian tax and investment legislation. In this respect, the editor asked opinions from well-reputed Romanian lawyers. STOICA & Asociatii, by Ms Cristiana Irinel Stoica, Founding Partner, gave an interview explaining how she and her team combat the problem of confusing Romanian legislation.

Ms Stoica said that „since its creation until present, STOICA & Asociaţii has succeeded to demonstrate innovativeness and willingness in promoting the best legal solutions for their clients. We have the strength to apply the best legal strategies for our clients and to take them to an end. We have the courage to participate in an honest competition and thereby become among the best.”

The article appreciates that in the coming years Romania will continue to be an interesting country for investors. It is possible however that the increase will be slow, depending on the legal effect of the global crisis. Romanian lawyers will be more involved in insolvency proceedings and bank loan restructuring or various corporate restructuring, offering the clients local expertise at international standards by a deep knowledge and understanding of relevant legislative issues.

In November 2010, STOICA & Asociatii will celebrate 15 years since its foundation. Set-up in November 1995, by the association of two Romanian pre-eminent lawyers, Professor Valeriu STOICA and Cristiana I. STOICA, the law firm STOICA & Asociaţii has constantly extended the area of expertise and has developed a team of 40 lawyers with solid professional background.