Newsletter STOICA & Asociatii in “Curierul Judiciar” nr. 2/2009

The Article “The Constitutional Court’s Decisions No 1351/2008 and No 56/2009”

The February issue of the law magazine ”Curierul Judiciar” marks the debute of the permanent heading “Newsletter”signed by the team of “STOICA & Asociatii”. This month’s heading makes a short presentation of Decision No 1351/2008 and Decision No 56/2009 elaborated by the Constitutional Court of Romania and through which the constitutionality of the Law on modification and completion of Law No 10/2001 is established; the Court thus repels as groundless the arguments exhibited in the two intimations for non constitutionality, intimations expressed by a number of 55 Deputies, and respectively, by the President of Romania. The article generally comments on the Decisions of the Constitutional Court and it is signed by two assistant lawyers: Alexandru Vartej and Bogdan Popescu.