Tragic event in the lawyers world – MURDER OF THE LAWYER STANISLAV MARKELOV

Preoccupied by the global situation of the financial institutions, we find less time for those events related really to our existence. The death of a colleague affects us deeply especially when this occurs in direct relation to his profession. It is even sadder, not only for the disappeared person, but also for his family, and for the entire professional body, to see that the efforts for the protection of the right to life itself end by the death of the fighter. The lawyers are, or should be, by their nature, real fighters. Some of them, very few, become heroes. This is the case of Stanislav Markelov, lawyer known as fighter for the protection of the human rights (he defended the families of the victims of the bloody Chechen intervention in the Moscow, or various Russian journalists), who was killed on January 19, 2009, in Moscow. The International Lawyers Union, the oldest international lawyers association, published recently a press release regarding the sad event (read). Let’s stop a little from our rush for short term victories and bring homage to our Russian colleague Stanislav Markelov