International Chamber of Commerce – Action plan for 2009

Everybody is concerned by the present financial crisis. Especially due to its globalization. The questions come from all sides: how long will take this crisis? Are there going to be found solutions for the removal or at least diminish of its effects? Did by any chance the capitalism proved to be insecure? What Hill it happen to the markets destined to exports? Are the emerging markets affected by the crisis and in which measure? Is the globalization a solution which deserves the thought? Which are the models to follow, if such models exist, so that the life does not take us by surprise as it did with this recent global financial-banking crisis?
These are normal questions which will be answered by the International Chamber of Commerce, which is celebrating 90 years from its setting up, as world enterprises organization, through Guy Sebban, its General Secretary, on the occasion of the launch of the action plan of ICC for 2009 (read)