STOICA & Asociaţii Anniversary

On November 4, 2008 took place in the sumptuous hall Le Diplomate of the Hotel Atenee Palace Hilton, the celebration of 13 years since the setting up of the law firm STOICA & Asociaţii.

Valeriu Stoica, founding partner, presented to the guests – clients, collaborators, jurists, politicians, personalities of the cultural and artistic world – the entire team of STOICA & Asociaţii, mentioning the remarkable professional successes registered since the last celebration until the present, also evoking the future plans of the law firm. Also, two awards offered by the law firm were presented:

– The award for entire legal carrier and for the uninterrupted contribution to the raise for the essential values of the Romanian law was offered to Professor Doctor Docent Vladimir Hanga by offering a diploma and the amount of EUR 10,000.

– The award for artistic creation was offered to the painter Andrei Ciubotaru, plastic artist with “originality of the visual conception … and implication in the issue of the regeneration of the space where we are living” consisting of the amount of EUR 5,000, destined to the finalizing of the artistic project of urban intervention ARCA.

The noble gesture of granting the two awards completed the image of professional and social strength highlighted by STOICA & Asociaţii on any occasion.