“From Romania in the World”

During the occasion dedicated to The Romanian Diplomacy’s Day, the Association of the Romanian Diplomats’ Partners (RDPA – www.rdpa.ro), in partnership with WOHOM, organized on Friday 29th of August, at the Palace of Parliament an event, dedicated to the promotion of the image of our country, with the title “From Romania in the world”,.

On this event, it was pointed out the active implication of the chiefs of missions’ wives, but also of those ladies who, by their presence and activity rise up the promoting standard of Romania.

The event was honored by the presence in the Senate Hall of Mrs. Tariceanu, Mrs. Comanescu, Mrs. Stoica, Mrs. Taubman, the wife of the USA Ambassador, Mrs. Sucu and other wives of foreign Ambassadors in Bucharest and of Romanian Ambassadors.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Luminita Fatu, the main organizer, the President of Association of the Romanian Diplomats’ Partners and the wife of the Romanian Ambassador in Helsinki, has pointed out the role of the partner of a diplomat, of an ambassador, in completing the external image of the country through cultural, social or protocol activities.

Also, Mrs. Fatu has highlighted the importance of the Association in the discovery and support for solving the problems which appear in the life of a diplomat’s family, as a consequence of their profession.

In the closing part of the speech, the President of RDPA has mentioned the non-governmental, non-profit character of the Association, thanking the sponsors of the event for the trust, financial and logistic support offered.

In this way, many special thanks were given for the active presence and the permanent financial and legal support of Mrs. Cristiana-Irinel Stoica, lawyer in Attorneys at Law STOICA&Asociatii, which is also honorific member of the Association of the Romanian Diplomats’ Partners.

For completing the importance of this indubitable contribution of the justice in the diplomatic life, Mrs. Fatu invited Mrs. Stoica to speak from the high tribune of the Senate; Mrs. Stoica held a speech about “Diplomacy and Law”.

After the opening speeches, the event continued in the Parliament Foyer, were the invited ladies could admire the artistic, clothing and cosmetic creations presented by Romanian companies having value of brand in our country, and finally the fall collection of the firm L’Armoire, during a fashion presentation.

The event “From Romania in the world” publicity and opened the Annual Ambassadors Reunion, the 2008 edition.