Chambers Europe annual top

Chambers Europe offered to publicity its annual top for the top ten domains of practice in analyzed by the respective publication in Romania.

In each domain, the law firms are classed in categories (band) from 1 to 6, 1 being the highest category. For 2007, STOICA & Asociatii is ranked in category 1 for intellectual property and litigations, in category 3 for competition and in category 5 for companies/mergers and acquisitions.

The top takes into consideration also lawyers individually, the ranking system being the same. The lawyers of STOICA & Asociaţii distinguished in this top are:

Valeriu Stoica, situated in category 1 for litigations. According to Chambers Europe, Valeriu Stoica “is admired by the entire law firms market”, “the international clients being dawned by his exceptional reputation in court”
Cristiana Stoica, situated in category 2 for litigations and category 3 for companies/mergers and acquisitions, and characterized as “a strong and well informed lawyer”.
Răzvan Dincă, nominalized in category 1 for intellectual property and in category 3 for competition and who, according to Chambers Europe is considered by the international clients for whom he worked as “the best Romanian senior partner they worked with”.