Top Lawyers – STOICA & Asociaţii on 4th place

The magazine Top Lawyers, edited by Finmedia, performed a top of the best lawyers considering the turnover and the profit registered per partner. The 4th place in the top is held by STOICA & Asociatii (Euro 6.95 mil.).

“The business law market in Romania is in an extraordinary boom, in the last 4-5 years, with annual increases of 30-50%. The specialists estimate the market value at Euro 200-250 millions, 80% being concentrated in Bucharest, 20% in the country’s largest cities”, allege the representatives of Finmedia.

Călin Andrei Zamfirescu, senior partner of the law firm Zamfirescu Racoţi Predoiu, considers that the market is under-evaluated. “The law firms in the country are not taken into consideration, which number is of 40-50”, explained Zamfirescu.

The lieder of the law market, NNDKP, holds the 3rd place in the top elaborated considering the gross profit registered in 2007 (Euro 5.5 millions) and 5th place in the top of the profit per partner (Euro 458,000), the company having 12 partners.

On the second place in the top of the law firms is Muşat & Asociaţii (with Euro 11.64 millions), who is on the same place in the top considering the gross profit (Euro 7.075). With 9 partners, Muşat & Asociaţii dominates the top of the companies as regards the profit per partner (786.000 de euro).

Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, the 3rd place considering the turnover (Euro 11.38 millions), dominates the top in what regards the gross profit (Euro 7.18 millions). With 10 partners, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii holds the second place in the top considering the profit per partner (Euro 718,000).

The 4th, 5th and 6th places in the top considering the turnover are held by STOICA & Asociaţii (Euro 6.95 millions), Boştină & Asociaţii (Euro 6.8 millions) and Popovici, Niţu & Asociaţii (Euro 6.1 millions).

The holders of 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th places recorded last year turnovers with 50% lower then the latter, but over Euro 2.5 millions. Thus, Voicu & Filipescu reported turnover of Euro 3.8 millions, Zamfirescu Racoţi Predoiu de Euro 2.98 millions, Biriş & Goran, Euro 2.78 millions, Vilau & Mitel cu Euro 2.57 millions and Radu Tărăcilă Pădurari Retevoescu (RTPR), Euro 2.54 millions.

On the last places in the law firms’ top considering the turnover elaborated by Finmedia were the firms Tănăsescu, Leaua Cadâr (Euro 2.27 millions), Şova & Asociaţii (Euro 2.021 millions) and Grigorescu si Bulboacă & Asociaţii (over Euro 1 million).

In top 5 considering the gross profit registered by the Romanian firms in 2007, after Ţuca, Zbârcea & Asociaţii, Muşat & Asociaţii and NNDKP were situated the law firms STOICA & Asociaţii (Euro 4.644 millions) and Voicu & Filipescu (Euro 2.23 millions)

In top 5 considering profit per partner in 2007, after Musat & Asociatii and Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, on the following places were situated the firms STOICA & Asociaţii (Euro 580,000) with 8 partners, Voicu & Filipescu (Euro 557,500) with 4 partners and NNDKP (Euro 458,000), with 12 partners.

“Most of the law firms acting in our country are looking for new lawyers and even new premises where to perform their activity. On this effervescent market, there is a ‘need of lawyers’, considers the Finmedia representatives.

Article published in DailyBusiness, June 13