STOICA & Asociații lawyers – new article in the Romanian Private Law Review

Justice is and should remain the instrument by which legal order is speedily restored in society. That is precisely why, for requests that do not aim to achieve a practical benefit, but the artificial perpetuation of a litigious situation for illegitimate purposes (for example, for the purpose of harassment), the sanction of expiration may become applicable, in compliance with the legal conditions.

Valeriu Stoica - Founding Partner - and Angelica Alecu - Associate, STOICA & Asociații - analyse in a recent articlepublished in the Romanian Journal of Private Law (RRDP) no. 3/2022, the ways in which the statute of limitations operates within the term of appeal, against the conclusion of rejection of the request to reinstate the case.

The current issue of RRDP is a thematic one, which, along with several articles on legal doctrine on a classic model (in the Varia section), contains a "file" dedicated to legal education in Romania.

???? Romanian Private Law Review (RPLR) no. 3/2022 is published by Universul Juridic Publishing House and can be purchased from here.